Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport




A hot, new bestselling 2019 release! Learn about the ways you can declutter your digital life and go Marie Kondo on your phone. This week, we tackle Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.


Further reading about the pigeon experiment:

Further reading about instagram in Canada:

Further reading about the Amish:

Further reading on the NPR article about loneliness:

Facebook’s internal study on how to use social media:

These are the notes and practical tips we mentioned for each section:

the digital declutter process: 1. 30 day optional tech removal 2. rediscover behaviors 3. reintroduce with what value it accomplishes

the four concepts and practices:

1. spend time alone with your thoughts a. leave your phone at home b. take long walks

2. don’t click like a. be silent on social media b. consolidate texting c. hold conversation office hours

3.reclaim leisure a. prioritize demanding activity b. produce things in the real world c. have real world, structured, social interactions

4. attention resistance a. delete social media from your phone b. turn your devices into single-use items c. dumb down your smart phone

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