Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen




Canoodling. By Jane Austen. This is a MEGA CLASSIC, so it’s a bit more exhaustive, but well worth knowing.

The 5 cool party topics -

1. The book is quite funny. Use the conversational flow that Elizabeth Bennet takes when things get awkward. Lightly call the person out next to you about it, so you both can take a breath and enjoy the moment.

2. Money, what’s it good for? Darcy had the equivalent of 300 million in assets, and he still had to learn to be himself. If people are talking about the state of their finances, tell ‘em it ain’t nothin.

3. Credit where it’s due. Jane Austen never got credit in her lifetime for this, and was always known as “The Author of Sense and Sensibility”. Now, she’s a household name.

4. This book sticks with folks because it deals with dating and emotions in the same ways we do today. Check out the scene you’re in, and if you or someone else is feeling overwhelmed, lean in and have fun, like Elizabeth did.

5. Play an icebreaker game with people asking the last 5 things the purchased, and try to guess an opinion of their personality based on that. It’s sure to get a laugh, and then sober people up with the truth about TARGET.

Transcript coming soon.