This is Where You Belong - Melody Warnick




Going off to college? Getting started in a new place? Just want to feel more connected? Learn the best ways to love where you live, with tools, tips, and tested tactics this week. It's Melody Warnick’s “This is Where You Belong”, one of Taylor’s personal favorites. 

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Another book on the topic: The Geography of Bliss:

Print your own signs for “Walk Your City”:

Discover your ‘hood’s Walkscore on this website:

Killer Mike show trailer Evan mentioned (YouTube):

The Vanishing Neighbor book:

The doc trailer “We are Columbine” Evan mentioned (YouTube):

Tips for random acts of kindness in your community:

The 10 ways to love where you live: 1. Lace up your sneakers 2. Buy local 3. Say hi 4. Do something fun 5. Commune with nature 6. Volunteer 7. Eat local 8. Get political 9. Create something 10. Stay loyal through hard times

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